Reasons for an Oral Surgeon Gum Grafting Procedure

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A gum grafting procedure from an oral surgeon is a great way to improve the appearance of your smile, address any issues you may have with periodontal disease, and help ensure optimal support for your teeth. This review discusses the various benefits of a gum grafting procedure.

Five notable benefits of a gum grafting procedure from an oral surgeon

As mentioned, there are cosmetic and oral health benefits of a gum grafting procedure. Each individual that is considering gum grafting should consider how it can benefit them by speaking directly with a dental professional who offers gum grafting treatment. The following is a general overview of five of the more notable benefits to consider.

Improve the appearance of your smile

Every patient has their own reason for considering a gum grafting procedure. However, one of the more common reasons patients choose a gum grafting procedure is to address issues with their smile that are related to their gums. Specifically, many patients choose a gum grafting procedure to create a more even appearance of their gums when they smile. This is accomplished by grafting new gum material where there is naturally not enough gum tissue or where gum recession has taken place.

Address oral health concerns related to periodontal disease

There are also oral health benefits of an oral surgeon gum grafting procedure. Specifically, the gum grafting procedure consists of treating periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is a leading cause of tooth loss, and by addressing any issues with the health of your gums during a gum grafting procedure, you can help ensure your teeth last for a lifetime.

Help ensure the optimal support for teeth

As mentioned, one of the primary roles of the gums is to support teeth. Periodontal disease can begin to weaken the gums as well as the underlying jawbone, which leads to a weakened support for teeth and subsequently teeth loss. A gum grafting procedure is the most highly recommended way of treating gum recession.

Help ensure quality results from your gum grafting procedure

By choosing an oral surgeon gum grafting procedure, you can ensure that the procedure is performed by a licensed dental professional that has experience and training, and you can trust that the final results will be as you desire.

Receive assistance throughout the aftercare and recovery process

As is the case with any surgical procedure, a gum grafting procedure requires an aftercare process to minimize the risk of an oral infection and to help the patient return to their normal routine quickly. The oral surgeon team can help with the aftercare and recovery process.

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