Facial Trauma Treatment from a Periodontist

Facial Trauma Treatment Arroyo Grande, CA

Facial trauma treatment from a periodontist may be necessary after a blow to the face due to a nasty fall, sporting event, car accident, or another incident that leads to facial damage. This review discusses how a periodontist can treat facial trauma to ensure optimal oral health and appearance long-term.

What to expect from facial trauma treatment from a periodontist

Facial trauma often occurs at the least expected times, and knowing what to expect can help minimize any anxiety that may surround treatment. The following is a detailed look at what facial trauma treatment from a periodontist is, when it is necessary, and what specific treatments a periodontist may recommend to deal with facial trauma.

What is facial trauma treatment?

Facial trauma treatment addresses periodontal concerns related to dental trauma. There are generally three aspects of facial trauma treatment, which are:

  • Treatment for soft tissue damage
  • Treatment for knocked-out or damaged teeth
  • Treatment for repairing damaged bone structures

Of course, every facial trauma treatment plan is specifically tailored for the patient, as no two cases are ever the same. However, the ultimate goal is the same, which is to restore the health and appearance of the patient’s smile after trauma occurs.

When is facial trauma treatment necessary?

Facial trauma treatment may be necessary to address cosmetic, functional, and oral health concerns. For example, an individual who endures facial trauma during an auto accident may need treatment to repair or replace damaged teeth, deal with jawbone-related damage, and restore the health and appearance of the gums.

What treatments may be involved in facial trauma treatment?

There are numerous treatments that may be recommended by periodontists depending on the specifics of the facial trauma. Common procedures that a periodontist may offer include dental implants, dental crowns, gum grafting, and reconstructive jaw surgery, among other possible facial trauma treatment recommendations.

The benefits of seeing a periodontist for facial trauma treatment

A periodontist specializes in supporting structures of teeth as well as teeth themselves. This allows them to offer a more complete set of services that often better meet the needs of patients immediately after facial trauma. They also understand the importance of restoring the appearance and function of a patient’s smile in addition to restoring oral health.

How to prevent facial trauma from occurring in the future

To reduce the risk of facial trauma in the future, a periodontist may provide the patient with a mouthguard, which reduces the impact of bruxism. They may also help the patient protect their smile through healthy lifestyle and dietary choices, along with scheduling regular check-up visits and teeth cleanings.

Are you in need of facial trauma treatment from a periodontist?

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